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Feb 19, 2013 11:30am PST
snowing. the dry line is moving through safrancisco and daly city to samateo btere ishe san mateo brid. you can see it is still raining righthire. the next ten minutes or so that ll taper, a dowin the south y you ca se acro the mbarn bridg and, 237, we ha a crease inain head to teou by, ght--modate ra,nd he is 87 right now you can see the avy rain fal heron 87ear thehark tnk se carel inhe sohay. you getting the heaviest rai now and for the next hour. you can see the snow working toward the sierra, with winter advisory until 10:00ith a foot knownd aow comi in behi theystem bringing thunderstorms with small hail in the evening an overnight and mostly over the ocean. we will go from a steady rain to scatter showered, and measurab snow to around 2,500'andtch i t 5" posble, and a coupl inches are possible, a we ll have clearing and th air is so cold, ps pets and plants,u need protect them. eowsill ide over the errao we wll hea bst of snow inhe aternnnd eving and bend the fro we have colder, dry air for tonight. co front cominghrough de owedou the bk eef te pripitation ning up wi the coldron
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1